Eco-friendly home tips

Eco-friendly home tips

Written by Jessica


Many of us have been doing our bit to help combat the effects our everyday lives are having on our planet; including recycling, switching our old light bulbs and going paperless where possible. But there are many other small changes you can make to your home life that can have a big effect on your impact.

With the new year just beginning, what better time to make some positive changes? The thought of making changes to your life can be overwhelming, especially when you’re a creature of habit like me but no one is expecting your lifestyle to be 100% sustainable.
Pledge to 1 or them all – no matter the size of your commitment to our planet, those who come after us will be grateful for years to come!

Ditch the plastic

It is easier than you think to fill our homes with plastics, many of which we use until they’re empty and we throw them away. Investing in alternative products such as glass bottles for your cleaning products, food storage and even cosmetic items can be a great way to keep this at bay. Many of our supermarkets are now offering a ‘refill service’ making it a lot easier to minimize the amount of plastic we consume.

Shop second-hand

If you’re as much of a sucker for IKEA as me you will know how hard it is to not want to buy the whole store when you visit. That being said with the price being so cheap, it’s so easy to throw it away and replace it with something more trendy or ‘instagrammable’.

Take a step back from the throwaway culture and invest in second-hand pieces, whether you take a visit to your local charity shop or browse online sites such as eBay and Gumtree. There is something so special about adding pieces to your home that have a history and are more than likely completely unique!

Think outside the box (or jar)

You might have finished your favourite candle but instead of throwing the empty jar straight into landfill, get your thinking cap on, clean the jar out and come up with an alternative use for it. Empty candles come in super handy for bathroom or kitchen storage. The same applies for those blankets that are fraying at the edges or have suddenly developed a hole. Why not dust off that sewing kit and reinvent the useable fabric into a cushion.

Nearly everything we use on a regular basis has an alternative use. If you aren’t the most creative of thinkers just simply head over to Pinterest for some inspiration!

I hope you have found this little insight into my eco-friendly home helpful. Make sure you check back in with #DeVerdiTalks next month when I will be sharing some of my favorite independent retailers with sustainability at the heart of what they do.



Jessica is the interior and lifestyle content creator based in East Yorkshire. She is the owner of The Middle Terrace blog ( IG @the_middle_terrace). Her normal style mantra is "Surround yourself with things that you love, that inspire you and represent who you are as a person and you will always feel at home in your space!"

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