Tracy x Stories by DEVERDI TALKS

Tracy x Stories by DEVERDI TALKS

Meet Tracy, she is a sustainable fashion & digital creator living in Scotland. In this #DeVerdiTalks, we chat about Lupus and how a disease can help you to redirect your life turning it as much sustainable as possible. 

LR - Hi Tracy, can you give us a brief biography of your life thus far and how did you start your Sustainable Journey? For those who might not know you.

T - I am a 43 year old fashion and beauty blogger living on the west coast of Scotland. This is where I originally grew up but moved to England in my teens where I met my husband. 

We've got two older teenagers/ grown up kids now, one 22 and the other nearly 17.

It was in 2004 when we had Cameron that I was finally diagnosed with an Autoimmune Condition called Connective Tissue Disease which leads them to find out I had SLE - Systemic Lupus, Raynaulds and other complications. Lupus is a condition where your immune system attacks your cells and healthy organs, it causes issues with your brain, heart, liver, kidneys.. as well as causing fatigue, immense pain, chronic migraine and a reaction to UV light. 

The only way to treat it is to shut down your immune system with heavy drugs daily. I also take a lot of pain medication just to have a normal day. There are times when I can only function in a wheelchair and others when I can't get out of bed, we always make the most of each day!.

When you live with something like this, it becomes your normal so you get really good at just getting on. 

It was because of my diagnosis in 2004 we decided to live more Sustainably, trying to create a cleaner environment for us and our children. We changed everything from eating habits, household cleaning products to beauty, skincare and fashion.

LR - What do you think that is the role of a customer in front of buying ethical and sustainable brands? 

T - I think that it's always going to be difficult when people struggling financially and it’s often the case that buying Sustainably is more expensive. I think for customers it’s about baby steps, it’s a case of making small changes when possible and not feeling guilty for the ones you can't make.

Saving for that special item and purchasing one really well made, beautiful sustainable piece instead of three or four cheaper ones. 

LR - Can you talk a bit about why it was important for you to use organic products? 

T - I touched on it briefly in my bio, but for me, I feel that what goes into our body is just as important as what wraps around it. Since becoming ill I am extremely conscious about the effects even some natural ingredients can have on our systems and for me, it's in my control to give my body the best chance I can. I would love to think that I was in some way playing a part in creating a brighter future for our children's children.

LR - What are some of your daily ethical rituals?

T - In the house, we always recycle, separate the cardboard from the plastic. I have a food compost bin which is great for the soil. I never leave the tap running if I'm in between using it. All of our lights are on timers so that they go off at a certain time and are never on standby.

I use reusable cotton pads instead of throwing away ones and muslin cloths that can be washed.

LR - Who are your sustainable fashion icons?

T - I would have to be Stella McCartney she is incredible along with Katharine Hammett & Christopher Raeburn.

All of the above are pushing boundaries and are not afraid to take risks. They stand up for what they believe in even when it's not the most popular opinion.

LR -Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?

T - Sustainability is respecting our planted and the incredible opportunities it can give us and making something better for the future. Living within our means and not having to buy everything we see, remember that it's the little things that are the most precious.



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