Meet Jessica, The interior and lifestyle blogger

Jessica is the interior and lifestyle blogger at The Middle Terrace. She is from good old Yorkshire. Our founder, Laia Rodon was joined with her to talk about deco-minimalism life, sustainability, and more!

Laia Rodon - Hi Jessica, can you give us a brief biography of your life thus far?
Jessica - I’m Jessica, a 20 something interior and lifestyle blogger from good old Yorkshire. I bought my first home at the age of 20 with my fiancé in a village near where we both grew up. The project saw us take on a sad previously rented middle terrace that we transformed on a tight budget. During our renovations I discovered a love for both interiors and the environment, looking to make everything we did within the house sustainable! I’ve always been creative and day by day I work for a commercial interiors business as their brand manager, getting involved in exciting interior projects across the UK and Canada!


LR - What has driven you to live a more Deco-minimalism life?
Jessica - Renovating our middle terrace on a budget meant I had to do a lot of research before committing to something, the more research I did and the time that went by the more I realised how much of a problem ‘fast-interiors’ much like fast fashion had become.
The more I learnt, the less I supported the industry and so I made the conscious decision to no longer buy into the fads and trends that are changing on an almost monthly basis. I come to really understand that less really is more and that being surrounded by things you really love and that inspire you is a lot better for the mind than a load of useless stuff that ‘looks good’!


LR - What is your normal style mantra?
Jessica - Surround yourself with things that you love, that inspire you and represent who you are as a person and you will always feel at home in your space!



LR - What are your 5 tips to make a place as deco-minimalist as possible?
Jessica:  Use a neutral colour pallet, retain empty spaces, keep décor clutter to a minimum, create contrast with textures instead of patterns and pay attention to the types of lighting you use.


LR - Could you recommend us a deco - minimal sustainable ideas for celebrating Christmas at home?
Jessica - At Christmas, I really love to bring the outside in, it is very easy to nip into your local supermarket or DIY store and pick up a plastic wreath or garland but there is so much joy to be had in heading out for a long walk and doing some foraging! You can style branches up with paper baubles for a great table centre piece or take cuttings from trees and shrubs to string together to make your very own staircase garland. Not only is it sustainable – but it’s free!



LR - How are you winding down at the end of the day?
Jessica - At the end of a long day at work I love to throw on some comfy clothes, sit down with a cup of tea (or a glass of prosecco on the weekends!) and just take a moment to myself. Whether it’s just cuddling up with my puppy Lola, catching up on some wedding planning on the sofa or scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration I find it good to just take some time to myself each day to do something that I love.



LR - Finally... What does sustainability mean to you?
Jessica - I think for me sustainability is thinking about the impact my day to day life has on not only the environment but the people and animals that live in it. It’s about being less impulsive and thinking and researching before acting or purchasing. Living simpler and making positive changes to our everyday life with the aim of collectively counteracting climate change and other negative environmental concerns.

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