Easy Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Single-Use Purchases

Easy Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Single-Use Purchases
Written by Tennessee Perkins


For the less environmentally-conscious consumer, becoming more eco-friendly may seem like an effort not worthwhile making. It may sound like more money, more time and more energy spent on research and decision making. These are reasonable hesitations, particularly if shopping green is foreign territory. However, this is true of any new habit we wish to create. Whether that be a new exercise regime or better sleep patterns, healthy change requires short-term effort and discipline until it becomes the new norm. 

There are some small, easy changes you can make that may initially seem strange, tricky or even unattractive, but really they offer increased convenience, reduced costs and reduced time spent shopping and replacing. Not only do these changes contribute to the efficiency and convenience of your daily life, they contribute to the wellbeing of our people and planet. And better yet, these habits aren’t even that difficult to begin as they mostly require a simple switch in purchase choices…

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1) Beeswax Wraps.
The next time you do the grocery shopping, whether online or in store, hold off buying cling wrap or foil, and instead purchase a few sheets of beeswax wrap. They come in varying sizes, colours, patterns and prints. They’re not only more aesthetically pleasing than plain old plastic wrap, they are reusable. They arguable preserve food a lot longer and more efficiently than cling wrap, are a lot easier to remove from any item they are placed around, and are super simple to clean. A quick rinse under warm water and a few minutes to dry, and they can be folded up and kept in the cupboard for the next time you need them. Instead of buying and throwing away reels and reels of plastic wrap, just buy a few sheets of
beeswax wrap and enjoy them for years to come.

2) Bamboo Toothbrushes.
Plastic toothbrushes can take an alarming 400 years to degrade, as they cannot be recycled. Just imagine how many toothbrushes we’ve all used in our lifetimes, and how many will still be around long after we’re gone. By simply choosing to buy a bamboo toothbrush, we are preventing an unfathomable amount of plastic toothbrushes from piling up in our oceans and landfill.

3) Reusable Sanitary Items.
This option not only saves the planet from unnecessary waste, it saves us time, money and stress! Reusable bamboo-based sanitary pads are actually more hygienic than single-use pads in that they offer a natural antibacterial quality and are highly absorbent, allowing the skin to breathe and reducing the risk of yeast infections. These pads can be used in conjunction with a reusable silicon menstrual cup, which is a safer and longer-lasting alternative to tampons. Not only will you save a small fortune, but you will never run out or need to top up on sanitary items again. Using your last pad or running out of tampons will be
a fear of the past!

Other eco-friendly choices include the use of metal straws or reusable silicon earbuds. The amount of single-use items that fill up our planet is mind-blowing, but simple small changes all add up to create incredible progress. If you haven’t already, make the first small step today and commit to embracing a more sustainable lifestyle by swapping out at least one of your single-use purchases for a longer-lasting solution.



Tennessee is a marketing and fashion graduate, freelance model and stylist. Her personal style is influenced by her ever-changing environment, geographical or otherwise. Follow her journey @tennis.biscuit / tennisbiscuit.com



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