How to Embrace Circular Fashion, the Simple Way

How to Embrace Circular Fashion, the Simple Way
Written by Tennessee Perkins


Circular fashion, in a nutshell, is the act of keeping fashion alive and useful for as
long as possible. Be it clothing, shoes or accessories, fashion in the modern era has unfortunately adopted a default of buy, consume, discard within a matter of weeks.
To the consumer, this initially seems wonderful in that we can have a fresh new
wardrobe every season and adopt new trends at low cost and minimal effort. But
such practices, well known as fast fashion, have rendered us sending an estimated £140 million worth of clothing to landfill each year 1 . So not only does this default encourage fashion manufacturers to increase the consumption of the earth’s limited raw materials to produce an excessive amount of textiles (often made by underpaid and ill-treated garment workers to keep costs low), but the materials used are often low-quality and non-recyclable, inevitably sending them to landfill. To undo this fast fashion framework, we need to adopt a new mindset, one that brings the environment, people and the future into the buying process.

We’ve all heard the term ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, but do we apply it? Let’s look at
how this simple practice allows us to embrace circular fashion.
We don’t need a new outfit for each occasion. If we could survive 2020 wearing the same lounge set for various Zoom calls, surely we can step into 2021 wearing the same pair of earrings or the same dress to different events. Let’s reduce our impact on the earth and create a new default where instead of buying a new outfit, we mix and match what’s already in our wardrobe to create a new look. Pair things together that you never did before – roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt and wear it open over a fitted top, or cuff the bottoms and try a different belt with those favourite pair of jeans. We can create newness from the old and slow down mass production simply by reusing. Lastly, let’s recycle. To do this, we need to think twice about the quality and fabric of our clothing before we buy them. Can they be broken down and recycled? Can they be passed on after we no longer need them and live a second or third life in someone else’s closet? Let’s drop off our old clothing at charity stores rather than binning them. Let’s re-sell them online using apps like Vinted or Thrift+.
Or maybe we need to look more to sustainable brands for our next wardrobe update to ensure that when the time comes, recycling and reusing will be effortless.


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Tennessee is a marketing and fashion graduate, freelance model and stylist. Her personal style is influenced by her ever-changing environment, geographical or otherwise. Follow her journey @tennis.biscuit /

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