Jessica Kim Evans x Stories by DEVERDI TALKS

Jessica Kim Evans x Stories by DEVERDI TALKS

LR - Hi Jessica, what makes you feel inspired to create your designs?
JE - Hi Laia, I get inspired the most through my travels, picking out moments, colours and textures from my surroundings and deconstructing them. I’m also greatly inspired by nature. Each collection captures moments in time and recreates them as wearable memories.   

LR - Who are your sustainable fashion icons?
JE - I’d say Stella McCartney and Mara Hoffman, they are both transparent about what they strive to achieve but still keep themselves relevant in the fashion industry.

LR - What are you listening to, watching, reading?
JE - I love a good podcast, my two favs are Conscious Chatter and The Process.

LR - What would you like to show through your collections?
JE - Captured moments and clean lines with a timeless aesthetic and a dash of fun.


LR - When did you started the brand and how came the name of your brand?
JE - I launched NōaGE in January 2020 but the seed was planted in 2018 during my adventures between Europe and Asia. NōaGE is a combination of nuage and ō both meaning cloud in French and Fijian. I chose cloud as clouds are key to creating a circular ecosystem and circularity is part of our ethos.


LR - How do you manage to find calm?
JE - Whenever I feel the need for some calmness, I will light an incense stick and
meditate or do a light yoga sequence. If I can’t do that I will go for a walk in nature
and just enjoy the present moment.

LR - Any secret ritual?
JE - I don’t really have a ritual, but I try to wake up early and start my day with some exercise, lots of water and a couple of hours of me time before I start my day.

LR - When was the last time you were moved by something?
JE - A couple of days ago during a walk with my partner, we were walking around a lake and saw a calf just lying there. At first, we thought it had died but when we got closer I realised she was just enjoying the moment in the sun. I love animals so being so close to this calf as she was enjoying the present moment was such a cute moment that filled me with joy.



LR - Do you have any personal life hacks for getting through the day in the most sustainable way possible?
JE - Definitely own a reusable water bottle, always carry a compact tote bag with you as you never know when you’ll need it. When looking for products make sure they are being transparent, are cruelty free and aren’t just greenwashing. I use a website called to see how sustainable brands really are.


LR - Finally, what does ethical fashion mean to you?
JE - Ethical fashion to us means that everyone involved in the supply chain and who works with NōaGE is treated fairly and has a negative impact on people, animals and the planet. That’s why we want to only use natural and regenerated fabrics and non-animal products whilst giving back to the community whenever we can.


Discover the NōaGE collection here.

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