Meet Vicky Wine Barcelona & her favourite Vegan Wine

Meet Vicky Wine Barcelona & her favourite Vegan Wine

Meet Vicky - She is from the south of Barcelona and works as a Brand Ambassador for a wine company based in Madrid. Always wearing a big smile, she always brings me a breath of fresh air with her vital energy. Vicky and I are old friends and this time I had the pleasure to catch up with her while enjoying a glass of wine talking about what means sustainability for a wine lover. Read on to discover more from her, what is a vegan wine and which one she recommends. 

LR - How do you inform yourself throughout the day? What are you listening to, watching, reading to inspire yourself?

V - I’m a big fan of podcasts, some are a great inspiration, some a source of information (favorite ones: Pardon my French, Private Parts, and of course a wine podcast, Wine for Normal People). I also absolutely love Medium, which is an online publishing platform with thousands of blogs. Every day I receive a newsletter with a selection of curated articles covering the topics I’m interested in. Recently I discovered Pinterest ad Youtube, as bad as it might sound. I never was into them but then started to explore these platforms closer and realized that they are a huge source of all kind of info. And of course, there is instagram.

LR - Tell us, what is a vegan wine? Any recommendations?

V - Vegan wines are those crafted with no animal products throughout the winemaking process. Usually to clarify the wines before bottling, winemakers may use animal fining agents ranging from egg white to animal or milk proteins. In a vegan wine winemakers tend to use plant-based or mineral fining agents, such as pea proteins or plant casein for instance. Normally vegan wines are certified so you can look for it on the label.

Here a suggestion of a red wine from the renowned Spanish region Rioja, in northern Spain. Campo Viejo Ecológico is an organic blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha and it’s vegan friendly. This is a perfect wine that will help you transition from summer to fall - it’s a light red wine, silky and fruit-forward (so, perfect for summer), yet with beautifully structured palate and enveloping tannins (hello September!). Drink it slightly chilled, either on its own or with your favourite everyday dishes - pasta, pizza, frittata, tapas, etc. Find it here


LR - Do you think nutrition can really be a source of healing?

V - German philosopher Feuerbach said in XIX century that "we are what we eat". It’s up to oneself to find routines and foods that are suitable for us. In yoga there is this concept of "finding what feels good" and it’s perfectly applicable to nutrition. You have to find your perfect foods that do you good; not following numerous nutrition trends such as superfoods, intermittent fasting, etc. What might be good for other, won’t always be good for you.

LR - What are life’s small pleasures for you right now? 

V - To go to a museum, especially now that they are pretty empty… To practice yoga after a long workday. And to read a book before going to sleep.

LR - What does dinner time look like for you?

V - I always have a very light dinner, it’s better for digestion and improves your sleep too! My favourite dinners ideas - kefir, watermelon (which I eat directly with my spoon watching SATC), sometimes sautéed kale or roasted peppers. I tend to go for really easy options that don’t take time.



LR - Finally, what does sustainable living mean to you?

V - I guess trying to harm the environment as little as you can. Not everything I do is sustainable of course, but the key is to be aware of that and try to adopt sustainability habits. You start small but I guess the more your "practice“ sustainability, the better you become at it.

For more Vicky Wine Barcelona, you can find her here.

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