Our Ethos

DeVerdi believes and works only with partners that share the same values in making a better conscious customer while offering the best selection of luxury and ethical brands without neglecting style and sustainability. 

The fashion industry is the second field that generates the most pollution in the world. With our ecological mindset, the goal is to minimise the environmental footprint to preserve and improve the health of our planet.  Whilst promoting green fashion, we intend to make a positive social impact, which has been developed in respect of people's health and preserving the environment as the main cause. 

The selection of designers that we collaborate with, use natural materials and fabrics that have been produced in the least harmful way possible for our planet. They reduce the production impact of their products and renounce the use of pesticides and other substances that could harm the Earth while opting for different environmental-friendly practices, such as water-based inks and raising awareness about the climate change movement.

For us, the main important traits from our brands in our luxury retail platform are that they also practise the ethics of respecting human rights of their employees and the dignity of everyone involved in the production and distribution process.

DeVerdi has the purpose to become part of this movement with brands that maintain the following values:







If you consider that your ethos and values are the same as ours and would like to be part of our retail environment, get in contact with us.