DeVerdi & Nasco Feeding Minds


NASCO Feeding Minds

The objective: feeding minds. Nasco builds computer classrooms in rural schools in Ghana and they provide solutions to the immigration problem in the origin country. Decades of shipping food to Africa has not changed the emergency situation. Thousands of people die each year crossing the desert and the Mediterranean in search of a better future. They created ICT classrooms in rural areas of Africa to avoid that, due to the lack of opportunities, the children of today become the migrants of the future.

They are carrying out many projects that involve entire communities. Our commitment is to educate, train and provide the appropriate tools to generate development opportunities.

10% of DeVerdi's annual profits are donated to NASCO Feeding Minds to allow all children to generate development opportunities.

If you give me a plate of rice, you feed me one day, but if you educate me, you will do it for more than 100 years - Ousman Umar, founder at NASCO.

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