Leim - The Dan Wrap Jumpsuit

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The Dan Jumpsuit in Black Iris is made from 100% knitted lyocell. Lyocell is made from wood pulp in what is known as a 'circular' manufacturing process - this means the waste (water, chemicals used for dyeing) is cleaned + re-used to make more fabric, rather than being disposed of (typically dumped in the river network).

The Dan Jumpsuit in Violet + Mustard is 100% linen but the body is knitted for stretch and a comfier fit, while the tie is woven to provide structure. 

I use eco-elastic made from 65% organic cotton + 35% natural rubber and buttons made from Corozo nuts (also known as Palm Ivory - don't worry, it's vegan!)

The fabrics come from Portugal, the eco-elastic comes from Austria, the Corozo in the buttons comes from Ecuador, by way of Gloucestershire in the U.K. and the zips come from Italy. I try to source all materials as close to home as I can, to reduce the carbon footprint of the jumpsuits.